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A curated page of resources for all Earthlings to explore our cosmic neighbor, and learn about its fundamental importance to science and technology.

Our Moon is a unique place to answer fundamental questions about our Solar System and also help enable sustained human presence in space. Over the last two to three years, I’ve been writing accessible stories about the Moon’s said value for as broad an audience as I can. I’ve placed all that work together in context on this curated Moon page, along with several external resources, to provide a good entry point for people from all backgrounds to learn about our Moon and its specific themes, and evangelize its continued exploration. I hope you like my labor of lunar love.

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Why explore the Moon
The Moon as a launch platform

Water on the Moon

How NASA and India discovered water on the Moon
VIPER, NASA’s Moon resource mapper
Ultimate guide to water on the Moon
Explainer: What are permanently shadowed regions on the Moon?


How the Apollo missions transformed our understanding of the Moon’s origin
Geology of places explored by Apollo astronauts

Upcoming missions

NASA CLPS Moon landing missions
The bevy of rovers heading for the Moon
Past mistakes to avoid in our grand return to the Moon this decade
Lunar Trailblazer, NASA’s Moon water mapper
Chang’e 6
The importance of India signing the US-led Artemis Accords
Moon Monday – Follow global developments in lunar exploration & science

Lunar science & exploration

Exploring the marvel that are mountains on the Moon
The two-faced Moon
How Chandrayaan 3 made its historic touchdown on our Moon
ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 orbiter is creating the highest resolution Moon map
KPLO, South Korea’s first Moon mission
How we got to know the Moon’s gravity is lumpy
The Moon’s potential for radio astronomy and Chang’e 4
Chang’e 5 landing site: Near the volcanic complex of Rümker
Interviewing Chandrayaan 1’s Mission Director on India’s role in the new Moon race
The time NASA figured out that our Moon is cratered all the way down

Take a visual tour of our Moon ✨

Views from Apollo | Apollo landing sites from orbit
View Moon rocks in 3D and dissect them with the Astromaterials Lunar Sample Collection | See Apollo rocks in a Virtual Microscope
Luna Sights – Browse a world of craters, mountains, lava channels and more!
From NASA’s LRO team: Explore our Moon like Google maps with LROC QuickMap | Browse the fantastic LROC Blog full of high-resolution images
China’s Chang’e lunar sample database
Experience Apollo in real time | Browse the Lunar Sample Compendium
Watch the Moon in 3D
Pre-Apollo: Lunar photographs from Lunar Orbiter, Ranger and Surveyor

Our Moon as inspiration

An ode to Artemis I
The Moon will always be there
Looking back at Chandrayaan 1 and forward to Artemis

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