Hi, I’m a science writer passionate about a future in space and this is my space on the internet. Currently I’m a science communicatior at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in India. I write articles for several publications on space exploration and science.

You can contact me via email at uncertainquark@jatan.space, or on Twitter @uncertainquark.

Let’s get to know me.

Science Writing

I specialize in writing comprehensive yet accessible articles on space exploration and the sciences. I’ve been published at various places, check it out.

Articles on Space Exploration for The Planetary Society
Indian Space Exploration for The Print
Astrophysics, Indian Research and Space Exploration for The Wire
Astrophysics for astrobites
Indian Space Exploration for Open Magazine

I’ve also been mentioned in the media and had my articles featured.

Public Outreach

I often speak at public events and engage in science outreach. Here are some notable ones.

Look up and wonder, or we die.

Please visit the public talks page to arrange a session for you.

Space Research

I have some research experience in Astrophysics on analyzing X-rays from cosmic objects.

X-ray data analysis of a binary star system using ISRO’s Astrosat data. Astrosat is India’s first space telescope.

I was the former science officer at TeamIndus, where my work entailed landing site selection for their Moon landing missions, identifying science objectives and converting them to engineering requirements.

Co-developed a framework with veteran scientist Dr. Jim Head and peers for maximizing science output in lunar landing missions.
Abstract and poster presented at LPSC 2019.

Part of the TeamIndus group collaborating with Brown University on a science-optimized traverse for the rover in the Moon landing mission.
Paper published in NewSpace.

Open Source

I contribute to open source movements whenever possible, because the world needs to be a transparent and collaborative place. Find some of my openly licensed contributions below.

Bit-sized open source software contributions on GitHub. Because filing a bug report is better than posting a random tweet/status.

Interested in the “other side of me”? Well, there’s also my personal blog for thoughts on consumer tech, my poems, nature pictures and more.

Keep me going

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