Space Talks

By Jatan Mehta, an independent space & Moon exploration writer and globally invited speaker.

I’ve been invited to give in-person and online public talks by schools, universities, space organizations, media publications, podcasters, and more. This page lists some such curated videos. If you’d like me to speak at your event, get in touch.

European Lunar Symposium (2023)

gave a talk at the 2023 European Lunar Symposium about how despite the emergence of private and commercial Moon missions there’s no alternative to public buy-in, funding, and outreach to sustain lunar exploration globally and reap its immense benefits to science and technological progress.

On International Moon Day (2022)

I was invited by the Moon Village Association India to give a talk on the 2022 International Moon Day. The topic I chose was: “From Chandrayaan to Artemis, highlighting collaboration in our return to the Moon”.

On Planetary Radio

I appeared on The Planetary Society podcast to talk about South Korea’s first Moon mission.

NewSpace India

Outcomes of India’s Mars orbiter


Does India have a space exploration roadmap?

Chai and Why

Why aren’t we living on the Moon already?

Mumbai University

Technical careers in space exploration as a physics graduate

My journey as a space writer until 2020

The Interview Portal

On becoming a Space and Science communicator →

Asan Vigyan

Why explore Space

Learning stories

How I developed my writing and auxiliary skills over time


Cosmic conversations with King Sidharth

If you like my efforts to promote space exploration among people at large, I’d appreciate your support.

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