Gallery: Just some weird yet wonderful features on our Moon

This is the third blog post in a curated gallery series touring pretty sights on our Moon, following views of marvelous mountains and lovely lava channels. This time around I’m picking sights which either aren’t a popular geologic feature or are just plain weird, and all of which formed via unique mechanisms, some of which aren’t yet understood.

Note: You can click on the images to learn about each feature.

The enigmatic volcanic feature of Ina on the Moon. Credit: NASA LRO
The 190 kilometers long wrinkled ridge of Dorsum Zirkel on the Moon, as captured by Apollo 15 from orbit. Credits: NASA / James Stuby. Also see: A fault on the Moon
Beautiful and bright magnetic lunar swirl of Reiner Gamma. It spans well over a hundred kilometers. Credit: NASA LRO
The 220 kilometers long collapsed volcanic caldera and rilles of Hyginus. Credits: NASA / James Stuby
Cone-shaped landslide material flows, also observed on Earth at similarly large scales. Image is about 600 meters across. Credit: NASA LRO
A lunar kipuka—a crater breached by lava flows and filled almost to the brim during the time of active volcanism on the Moon. Image is about 2.7 kilometers across. Credit: NASA LRO

Hope you enjoyed these curated views of some of the most weird yet intriguing lunar features. If you’d like to browse more nifty places on our Moon, the NASA LRO outreach team has a fantastic blog.

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