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I give public talks to inform and inspire kids, students and people at large about space exploration. This page links to recorded podcasts and videos.

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  • Outcomes of India’s Mars orbiter – NewSpace India

  • Does India have a space exploration roadmap? – Tech2

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  • My parents for their unconditional support and trust

  • My Physics professors for patiently teaching me complex concepts

  • Emily Lakdawalla for being ever-inspiring

  • Mukunth for kickstarting my writing career, and beating academic writing out of me

  • Jason Davis for pushing me to prune my words to their simplest form, being a mentor, and an empathetic supporter


As a science officer at TeamIndus, I selected landing sites for their Moon missions, identified science objectives and converted them to engineering requirements.

Co-developed a framework with veteran scientist Dr. Jim Head and peers for maximizing science in lunar landing missions. Abstract and poster, presented at LPSC 2019.

Part of the TeamIndus group collaborating with Brown University on a science-optimized rover traverse in a Moon landing mission. Paper published in NewSpace.

I also have some research experience in Astrophysics, specifically in analyzing X-rays from cosmic objects as measured by Astrosat, India’s first space telescope.