Hi, I work in the Planetary Science group at TeamIndus Moon Mission and come from Physics/Astrophysics academia. I’m passionate about space, technology and science communication.


I have a Masters degree in Physics and research experience in Astrophysics. At TeamIndus, my work entails converting planetary science objectives for lunar missions to engineering requirements.

  1. X-ray data analysis of a binary star system using ISRO’s Astrosat data.
  2. Lunar landing sites abstract at LPSC 2019

Science Writing

My strength lies in communicating a broad range of science and technology subjects. Check out my work.

  1. The Space Perspective (Personal blog)
  2. The Planetary Society
  3. The Wire
  4. TeamIndus Moon Mission blog
  5. Moon Minute Monday (Personal project inspired by APOD)

Public Speaking

I often speak at public events on various science and technology topics. Here’s some.

  1. Designing Science Missions for TeamIndus Foundation Younglings Program (2018)
  2. Exoplanets and Life in the Universe at Barcamp Bangalore (2019)
  3. Infinite Wonders, One Universe at Learning Circle (2015)

Look up and wonder, or we die.

Open Source

I contribute to open source movements whenever possible, because the world needs to be an open, transparent and collaborative place. Find some of my openly licensed work below.

  1. Open source software contributions on GitHub
  2. Freely licensed images on Flickr useful for blogging, content sharing, nature images, etc.