Poem: An ode to Artemis I

Poem: An ode to Artemis I
The Orion spacecraft, part of NASA’s Artemis I mission, captured this view of our Moon and Earth in November 2022. This vantage point in its lunar orbit lies roughly 70,000 and 430,000 kilometers away from the Moon and Earth respectively. Credit: NASA

The success of NASA’s Artemis I Moon mission, and the amazing views of our Moon from its Orion spacecraft, inspired me to write a poem.

A blaze aloft at night
put a glimmer of hope
flying past the desolation

It ignites around Moonshine,
so we can all dazzle
at the suspended blue marble

It twinkles again across the void
for a blistering comeback,
and a tactful splash

Let’s keep the path glowing
for these engines of progress,
so we can ferociously return

To our cosmic neighbor,
like never before.

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