The Moon will always be there

Even as the night sky goes starless.

We’re losing the precious starry night sky to pollution. Most people barely look up anymore. Both of these things make me really sad. Imagine entire generations living their lives with a starless sky. Why are we robbing them of wonder, aspiration and our future?

But lately I’ve realized that “Oh wait! The Moon will always be there in the sky, visible even during the day at times.” So there’s some hope.

Moreover, we’re going back to the Moon in this decade with a better plan than ever. Humans will walk on the Moon again. We plan to build Moonbases too, which will always be occupied by people at any given point. The coming generations will be able to see the Moon and think about a future where humans are not confined to Earth. As beautiful as it maybe, our Earth isn’t here forever. The Moon gives us some hope to settle across the solar system.

We can not only look up at our Moon, but look up to it.

China’s Long March 2F rocket lifting off. Credit: Xinhua

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