My best space writings from 2022

Dear readers,

In my lifelong mission to write about the exploration of space and our Moon, 2022 turned out to be very productive and satiating. I published 51 editions of my one-of-a-kind Moon Monday newsletter, and wrote 25+ articles on space exploration at large. I also took a major step forward in sustaining Moon Monday, thanks to the generous, no-strings-attached sponsorship from Epsilon3, The Orbital Index and Open Lunar Foundation.

Here are some of my most notable space writings from 2022.

🦠 Life beyond Earth

3 new additions to my articles on our search for alien life:

🪐 Our Solar System

🚀 Space launches

🛰️ Upcoming missions

🤔 Retrospectives

💛 Space for inspiration

🌙 Moon Monday

I can’t figure out which might be some of the most notable editions of Moon Monday because it’s the growing momentum of global lunar exploration as a whole that’s so exciting and full of hope and push for the future. As such, it only makes sense to link to the whole searchable archive of worldwide lunar developments below, which documents our progress towards sustainable exploration of our cosmic companion.

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Thank you so much to everyone who reads my work and supports it. It really means the Moon to me. I’m excited to write even more about space and Luna through all of 2023. :D

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