Fun with serious SLS rocket headlines

I've been having some fun writing eerily reflective headlines on my Moon Monday newsletter about the clumsy progress of NASA’s SLS rocket that cost $23 billion.

The SLS finally did launch the much-awaited Artemis I Moon mission, and that’s amazing, but my job as a space writer isn’t to be a blind cheerleader for whatever space agencies and research institutes say about their missions and programs. I also need to assess and inform people at large about if and how things are progressing, especially when taxpayer money is involved. I love NASA’s Artemis Moon plans overall but for a crufty rocket that’s not only years late but also billions of dollar over budget, some harsh reality checks are warranted.

NASA’s SLS rocket, standing atop its mobile launcher, at Launch Pad 39B at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center on March 18, 2022. Credits: NASA / Kim Shiflett

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