Commission an article or brief story on space exploration

Hi, I’m Jatan Mehta, a globally published independent space exploration writer, and the creator & author of Moon Monday and Indian Space Progress.

If you love my work, you can have me write an article or a brief story on a space exploration theme or topic of your choice, preferably within my strong suites of lunar science & exploration, planetary science & exploration, or Indian space. You can commission the same either as an individual or an organization.

Commission an article

~1000 words | Published in the Articles section of my publication

  • Individual → $400
  • Organization → $1,000 (Non-profits get 20% off)

Example: Past mistakes to avoid in our grand return to the Moon this decade

Commission a brief story

~400 words | Published on Moon Monday or Indian Space Progress

  • Individual → $150
  • Organization → $400 (Non-profits get 20% off)

Note: As a reader, you can always simply contact me to suggest things to write about, and I might just do so if I like the topic or theme, and if I can find the time for it. But the sponsorship offering simply ensures this indie writer gets paid for his work. :)


Obviously there are some rules, listed below, for how I’d go about writing such articles. These particularly ensure that no one can just pay to get their points or narrative across to my readers.

  1. I accept and write commissioned articles in line with my comprehensive Editorial Independence Policy.
  2. These posts are not written by the sponsor but instead the sponsor suggests a theme or topic, and can help with technical details. The posts themselves are always written by me.
  3. The post can’t be about your organization’s product specifically but rather must have a broad enough theme.

If you have any queries, get in touch.

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