My monthly Indian space reports are now read by 5,000+ subscribers

Dear readers,

I’m happy and grateful to share that my Indian Space Progress monthly reports are now read by more than 5,000 of you space enthusiasts! 🚀🇮🇳

Indian Space Progress is the world’s only newsletter dedicated to covering the Indian space landscape—from space technology, launch & exploration to astrophysics & planetary science to commercial & policy developments and more. Since February 2023, it has been contextualizing the progress of key elements driving India’s increasingly relevant space capabilities in the global arena. And it’s one fun endeavor to write every month as it helps me see the bigger picture while serving convenience to others.

My deep gratitude goes to the Takshashila Institution and SkyServe for being the two key sponsors of the newsletter. The newsletter wouldn’t exist without them. And I’m also grateful to the many individual supporters of my independent space writing. :)

The readership of Indian Space Progress includes planetary scientists and engineers, personnel at ISRO and other space agencies, space company executives, and fellow writers & journalists. I’m happy and proud to report below the relative distribution of the readers by country/region as well as a sampling of their employment organizations.

US 924, IN 1147, EU 592, BR 119, AU 81, SEA 75, RU 57, JP 49, CN 43, MEA 21, KR 23, NAU 15, NZ 15
Space agencies: NASA, ISRO, ESA, KARI, CNES, ASA, JAXA, DLR | Indian space: NewSpace India, Takshashila, Pixxel, Dhruva Space, SatSure, SkyServe, Manastu Space | Media publications: Nature, Payload, SpaceNews, The Planetary Society, The Hindu, The Print,, Universe Today | Global Space Industry: Honeybee Robotics, SpaceX, Firefly, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, Epsilon3, Thales Group, Blue Origin | ISRO orgs: ISRO HQ, SAC, PRL, URSC, CBPO, SDSC, IIST, ISTRAC | Institutes: APL, Caltech, ISU France, TU Berlin, TIFR, IIT Mumbai, IIA Bengaluru, UCL London
Indian Space Progress is featured as a resource on the website of Indian space think tank Spaceport SARABHAI.

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Here’s to more progress in space, in India, and on Earth.


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