Triple sunset – A poem on life in a multiple star system

This is a poetic follow-up on the possibilities of life in multiple star systems. Assuming that there is life on planets orbiting many suns, what would it be like to see a double/triple sunset? Will these life forms also figure out their place in the Universe? Let’s take a look at one such planet found by scientists in a multiple star system.

An artist’s impression of sunset as seen from the super-Earth Gliese 667 Cc. The brightest star Gliese 667 C is a red dwarf, part of a triple star system. The other two stars on the right are Gliese 667 A and B. Credit: ESO/L. Calçada

Here goes the poem trying to capture the view and thoughts on life in such an amazing multi-star system.

Here lies the bathing light of the red dragon,
Deepening horizons on a world so foreign..

Yet much like a heaven that is our Earth,
there could be water on its surface unhurt..

Could there be Life too on this land of the triple-star,
Would they also figure out as to who they are?

Would they understand the distant but dazzling binary-star show?
That they are the suns of the one they know!

Oh what a view it would be,
for Life there to see!

But if on that world, there isn’t any,
then let it be the carved destiny of humanity!

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