Which company does the Moon emoji right?

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This is going to be a meta post, a change of gear from my usual detailed articles. So I came across Dr. James O’Donoghue’s fun Twitter thread comparing rings of Saturn emojis and thought why not do the same for the Moon emoji. Here are the “Full Moon πŸŒ•” emojis by all companies.

“Full Moon” πŸŒ• emojis used in products by different companies


  • Looks like the Moon, but shouldn’t be yellow
  • It shows the dark “mare” areas where lava once flowed and exactly at the right places. And they’re even shown “depressed” than the brighter areas giving a 3D feel – kudos for getting topography right Apple! πŸ‘
  • No craters!

Facebook and Instagram:

  • Looks like the Moon, gets the gray color right
  • Mare areas are shown in a simplified way but preserves all major ones, including where Apollo 11 landed. πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€
  • Subtle hint of the famous Tycho crater in the south

Close enough Facebook and Instagram.


  • Barely looks like the Moon, wrong color too
  • Mare areas are shown in a ring for some reason, and at all the wrong places
  • No craters
  • At least has some 3D feel

Barely acceptable Google.

Microsoft and Twitter:

  • Look nothing like the Moon, closer to a circle with random dots instead
  • Mare areas are shown at random and thus at wrong places
  • No craters

Disappointing Microsoft and Twitter.


  • Looks exactly like the Moon!
  • Mare areas are accurate
  • All major craters are in – Tycho, Copernicus, Kepler and even Aristarchus!

Amazing job – It’s almost as if WhatsApp took a picture of the Moon and made a low-res emoji out of it! And that’s a good thing. πŸ˜‰


  • #1 – WhatsApp
  • #2 – Apple
  • #3 – Facebook and Instagram
  • #4 – [Nobody deserves this]
  • #5 – Google
  • #6 – Microsoft and Twitter

Non-honorable mentions: OpenMoji

I have no comments on this abomination.