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As you know, my blog is completely ad-free for everyone and I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoy writing them. I request your support to help me write more stories on space exploration.

The reality is that good quality articles don’t come for free. It’s only thanks to my Patreon supporters that my site maintenance costs break even, and I can take home the small remainder amount. I’d love to publish more content that isn’t done for media publications. So if you like my work on communicating space exploration to the masses, I’d appreciate your help.

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It takes a substantial amount of time and effort to write a good article. To maintain a proper blog with detailed articles across multiple topics is an even bigger effort than the sum of its parts. This type of work and the value it brings cannot sustain if people enjoying the content do not pay in any way.

Why not earn from ads or writing for publications?

Those are indeed common ways to earn as a science writer, but they have major caveats.

  • Ads: They are distracting, evil when in the form of tracking ads, and create wrong incentives for publishers. This results in publishers prioritizing ad viewing over content, which not only affects content quality but also frustrates readers. It will never be worth slapping ads on my blog just to get a few bucks.
  • Publications: Writing for media publications is the most common way to earn as a freelance writer and that’s what I do. But it comes at the cost of independent writing since publications filter content to their preferences, goals and whims. Basically, you cannot just write on a topic because it’s important or if you find it cool. Further, consider that most publications earn from ads so the core problem isn’t really solved.

I thus strongly believe that only a direct funding model like Patreon or donations can sustain independent, high-quality and consistent content creation.

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I will continue to keep all my websites free for everyone to access and benefit from. With your support, I can create high quality space content in a sustainable manner. So if you like my work and want to see more, consider supporting me and help me become an independent creator. πŸš€οΈ

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