🚨 My blog is moving

Hi readers,

Please note that my blog is moving from jatan.space (which is this website) to blog.jatan.space

What do you need to do?

  • If you were following my articles “via email” before, you don’t need to do anything. Your email is automatically imported. But..
  • If you followed my blog via your “WordPress account” or an email associated with the same, you’ll need to follow again. WordPress doesn’t allow exporting those followers, which is unfortunate and their way of trying to make creators not leave the platform. So I request you to take a moment to subscribe again. Thank you!

If you see a form below, enter your email ID to subscribe to my blog.

I don’t want to follow via email

No problem! You can subscribe via RSS too. 🛰

As someone who grew up on the Internet of blogs, and not attention-monetizing networks, I consider the efficiency and elegance of using RSS feeds to be unparalleled. RSS is what I use to follow websites, blogs and even newsletters. So of course I’d want to make that option available for my own blogs too. 🙂

If you’re not familiar with using RSS, just copy-paste this link in any RSS app such as Feeder, Feedbin or Feedly after making an account.

What will happen to this site?

All the articles on this site jatan.space have been transferred to my new blog, and any link to an article here will automatically redirect to the corresponding new one. However, I’ll keep the articles on this site around for a few months or so to ensure a smooth transition, including some special pages that I haven’t moved to the new blog yet. But I’ll publish new articles only on the new blog, so be sure to follow.

Now that I have many space blogs of different kinds instead of just one (😅), and some other things I do, this website jatan.space itself will serve as a portfolio of all my work in communicating space exploration and science to everyone I can.

If you’ve come this far, you probably care about what I do. A gentle reminder that all my content is free to access, none of it has ads, and I don’t earn from more than half of it! Your support will be greatly appreciated.