Introducing my weekly space newsletter, one subscription to rule them all

Today I’m starting a free weekly newsletter for my readers to easily follow all my space exploration content in one place. The newsletter supersedes the previous system where you got emails for every new post. So now you won’t be bombarded by frequent emails and won’t need to check my Twitter or socials manually, unless you want to. Check out the first edition of my newsletter – it starts with a meme.

A few things to note:

  • If you were following the blog via email until now, you don’t have to do anything as you are automatically imported into the newsletter.
  • If you don’t want email notifications for each post from the old system, you can unsubscribe from any such mail.
  • If you followed my blog with a WordPress account, I’m afraid you’ll have to sign up for my newsletter manually. That’s because doesn’t allow exporting the followers list.

If you’ve been liking my work on communicating space exploration and haven’t subscribed yet, the newsletter is the best way to follow it all going forward! Sign up below.

See you around! 🚀