Does India have a space exploration roadmap?

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I was invited by Tech2/Firstpost on their science podcast alongside Narayan Prasad to talk about India’s space exploration roadmap, or the lack thereof.

India’s space exploration agenda, original at Tech2.

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Topics discussed include:

  • 02:58 – Interesting destinations to explore in the inner Solar System
  • 07:10 – What makes the Moon so significant for space exploration?
  • 13:03 – Is there a strategy for India’s space science missions?
  • 16:27 – What is India’s interest in exploring Mars?
  • 19:13 – What do we not know about living in space?
  • 26:00 – Why doesn’t India become a part of the International Space Station?
  • 28:56 – Are India’s space missions comparable with China’s?
  • 33:40 – Is India aiming lower than China’s in its space endeavors?
  • 35:17 – Will militarization of space affect space exploration?
  • 37:30 – What’s stopping India from exploring the outer Solar System?

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