ISRO and where the Indian space program is at

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I was invited to talk about the Indian space program and ISRO’s missions at Access Reality.

A chat about ISRO and where the Indian space program is at. Original at Access Reality.

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Topics discussed include:

  • 03:30 – Milestones for ISRO
  • 07:32 – How does ISRO decide on its space missions?
  • 11:32 – Cooperation with other space agencies
  • 13:31 – Future missions
  • 17:45 – Scope of ISRO’s missions compared to other space agencies
  • 23:03 – What can ISRO do better?
  • 26:30 – Public support for space activities
  • 30:25 – Private space companies in India
  • 33:17 – What gets people most excited?

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